Travertine is a very special stone, known for its excellent qualities and particular features, that has been used for more than 2000 years in Italy and abroad, for the realization of well-known architectural masterpieces of different period and style, as a proof of the resistance and long-lasting character of the material.

Whether you want to build some details of your project using travertine or employing it as a structural material for the building, you can find travertine blocks for sale at IN.DA.MAR.
Travertine is a chemical sedimentary calcareous rock. It has been used in the construction industry from the I millennium B.C., in particular in the ancient Rome.
Depending on the process of its formation, travertine can appear in different colours: white, cream, tan, or rusty, and it usually has a fibrous appearance, because it is the result of the precipitation of carbonate minerals.

There is plenty of reasons for employing our travertine blocks for sale into a building.
First of all, travertine is an elegant and classy material which gives a touch similar to granite or marble, but at the same time it is much cheaper. This means you can give a classic look to your house’s rooms without having to pay something you can’t afford.
Secondly, you can choose the colour you prefer, together with the finish, which can be matte, polished, matte, tumbled, or brushed. This gives you the possibility to have differently characterized looks in different rooms, or to adapt the style of the natural stone to the style of your house.
In the third place, travertine is a very durable material, if handled with care. This means your house can look new for many years after putting your travertine tiles in it.
Last but not least, travertine is an environment friendly material, because it doesn’t have to go through the manufacturing process, so this means you can give a beautiful look to your house while preserving nature.

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