IN.DA.MAR is specialized in the purchasing of marble blocks, coming from the area of ​​Carrara, where a huge availability of block is granted.

We offer a wide range of materials, from the raw block to the finished product with the high-competence level that characterizes us.

Thanks to a network of high-qualified partners well distributed world-wide, we are able to satisfy all the needs of our Customers.

Marble is one of the most elegant materials ever: famous all over the world for the classy look it gives to any environment, it is really difficult to find a marble supplier who can give value to this precious natural stone.
At IN.DA.MAR you can find entire marble blocks for sale, for achieving any project you have in mind, in order to give the most elegant look to your home, or any other building.
There’s more than one reason if marble has been used for building for so many years. In the first place, it’s very durable, because it’s a stone which has been put under high levels of pressure and heat for transforming into marble. Secondly, the classic look given by marble to any environment can be decorated in many ways, never losing its elegance.

Not only our company has marble blocks for sale, but it is also skilled for following the construction process until the finished product.
Marble can be used as a structural material, or as a design element, as it is very versatile. Its beauty is timeless, since it’s a naturally strong material, which never gets old, often used to draw the attention to the details in a room.

Another great quality of marble is the wide choice of different colours and patterns, each one of them more indicated to a particular room of the house or a specific employment. It’s a natural stone, so there isn’t a piece of marble which is the same as another.
If you want to add value to your home and you’re looking for marble blocks for sale, you can come and visit our company. We can give you our assistance from the moment you choose the marble you prefer to the creation of your project.
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